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G8 backed Greece in the euro zone, as well as the prime minister, wen jiabao, "subsequent economic work in the steady growth in the more prominent position" positive comments for commodity markets short and strong positive support, Aaron nickel positive rebound, but subsequent momentum is not sufficient, short-term or will continue to interval oscillation, waiting for the direction is clear.

Although recent nickel prices low expansion rally in years, but the operator for "may decline" still shudder, combined with the current stainless steel downstream demand is relatively weak, so still appear very cautious in terms of purchase.

This rally is greatly affected by the news brief positive, and short in profits, driven by short-term concerns still lingers.

This year, compared with this time of year market stainless steel scrap market all show weakness. Clinch a deal not free, merchants pessimism mainstream become the main melody of stainless steel scrap market, a lot of stainless steel scrap traders had to temporarily to the sidelines. From the perspective of the actual situation of the market, the basic can be confirmed as the weak tone, stainless steel scrap market market procurement must tend to be more careful. At present, the acceptance of financing is cheap than short-term loans and the cost of capital has been greatly reduced, but due to a lack of interest, investment in waste middlemen is still in the trough, numerous stainless steel scrap traders generally tend to be shipped as soon as possible.

Current 304 scrap prices have dropped to a low in recent years, the hands of waste in basic losing money business, due to failing to see the shape of the late, traders generally said recent or suit is given priority to with watching. On the other hand, due to most of the production status of the steel mills and not fully recovered, demand for stainless steel scrap in the short-term remains limited, has been no obvious purchasing action. In view of the demand failed to start, stainless steel scrap prices in the near future is expected to shocks form still.

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